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    Technology strategy is business strategy!
    CLOUD, AI, BIG DATA Technology Partner

    Strengthen our customers' digital native potential
    by establishing and executing digital transformation strategies with technology know-how.

CLAiON helps strengthen Digital Native competitiveness as a core competency of the data economy. The name 'CLAiON' contains this will.
Based on its CLoud expertise, CLAiON aims to wake up and switch ON the digital native potential of the enterprise and public sectors with AI and Bigdata technology.

Integrated Cloud Service Partner

Integrated Cloud Service Partner

CLAiON is an integrated cloud service company that uses AI / Big Data technology
to switch on digital innovation for custormer's vision based on Cloud expertise.

Helping Your Digital Transformation successful with Cloud, AI, Big data

CLAiON provides services that help digital transformation based on technological capabilities for Cloud, AI, and Big Data and business domain knowledge in the enterprise and public sectors.

Expertise in Multi-Cloud
  • CSP-specific professionals
  • Partnership certification with major CSP
  • Provides a multi-cloud operations and cost-optimized platform
Business Domain,
SI Expertise
  • Professionals of enterprise
    and public business
  • SI professionals with legacy system deployment and operational knowledge
  • SI and Cloud Transition Project Management Professionals
Development Competency
based on Cloud Native
  • Cloud-based MSA, Agile, Devops dvelopment competency
  • Development frameworks and methodologies verified through various references
AI, Big Data Competency
  • Professionals of Ai and Big data
  • AI, Big Data-based solution and service platform

CLAiON's core competitiveness is its ability to establish and implement digital transformation using advanced technologies such as cloud, AI, and big data based on the know-how of the information age.

Enterprise and public-sector information environments are a mix of generations of technology and expertise. CLAiON accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises and the public, with generational technologies balanced and harmonized. And for this purpose, we provide a variety of services and solutions based on the following core technology.

  • Cloud
  • Big Data and
    Real-Time Analytics
  • API-based service
    linkage and integration
  • IoT/Edge Computing
  • Digital Twin
  • AI,
    Machine Learning
  • Process automation using
    AI chatbots and RPA

Cloud managed Service

Enables continuous cloud management with professionals
and cost optimization platform-based management services.

The biggest obstacle to cloud transformation is the lack of professionals. Most organizations are used to monolithic architecture that follow traditional infrastructure and software stacks. Deploying and operating workloads in a cloud environment that freely configures and operates architectures ranging from Monolithic to Serverless is unfamiliar.

CLAiON provides cloud infrastructure control, monitoring, integrated billing, AI-based demand forecasting, and cost optimization in a fully managed service. This allows organizations to accelerate their cloud transition without expanding professionals familiar with major CSPs.

  • 통합 방법론

    Fully managed services that
    support cloud operations

  • 통합 컨설팅

    Customized services through
    major CSP professionals

  • 고도화 방안

    Maximize cloud efficiency with AI-based
    demand forecasting and cost optimization

Customer Challenges

Customer Challenges

Use of hybrid and multi-cloud is a common strategy of many companies. However, the reason why they cannot use multi-cloud successfully is that each cloud service requires its professionals.

Many companies are using single cloud services because the lack of cloud experts and experience. The disadvantage of using only a single cloud service is clear. Technology depends on specific cloud services, making it difficult to transition to other cloud services. This is difficult to respond to when cloud operators change pricing unfavorably.

Our Offers

Continuous cloud management is more important for growing companies.
CLAiON offers a variety of plans to help you choose your services based on the size of your cloud operations and your organization's internal situation.

  • Business Plan

    Infrastructure resource management and technical support, cloud system deployment and resource monitoring, cloud resource change support, support for technical enquiries (9am-6pm), providing cost reports, provide security reports when using security control products

  • Enterprise Plan

    Technical support service (24H/7D), dedicated engineer support for resource management and cloud resource change, prevent failures with constant monitoring, provide monthly report

  • Premier Plan

    Everything in Enterprise Plan, plus provide cost optimization, monthly detailed cost reports and savings reports

  • Monitoring Services
  • Service
  • Performance
  • Cost
  • Infrastructure Control
  • Infrastructure Operations
  • Integrated k8s-based Distribution
  • Integrated Billing Services
  • Contract Management
  • Usage Report
  • Integrated Billing
  • Collection/Settlement
  • AI-based Prediction/optimization Services
  • Capacity/Cost Forecast
  • Cost Optimization

Key Features

CLAiON uses the integrated methodology that has been verified for a few years to help customers develop cloud transformation and multi-cloud strategies.

CSP-specific professionals Naver Cloud Platform certified Professional,
Engineer Big Data Analysis (National qualification),
ADsP: Advanced Data Analytics Semi-Professional,
PaasS-Ta Professional,
AWS certified Professional
Key Features
CoE : Center of Excellence Expert organizations presenting cloud optimization strategies and practices, monitoring and identifying cost savings using AI-based platforms
  • - Identification of instance size required for each application
  • - Identification of optimal instance size
  • - Report ROI Analysis Results